Saturday, February 10, 2007

Out There

This is an interesting webcomic. First, we meet Miriam. She's driving down the highway and spots some one walking along side. Should she stop, whe she keep going? She stops and ends up picking up John and we continue the ride.

I wasn't sure just where this comic was going. It took a long time for the artist -- R.C. Monroe -- to let us know what was going on, but it was an enjoyable ride. I read through the entire archives and couldn't wait to continue on.

This is a different comic for me. It's a evolving story and not my usual joke a day comic.

I've been enjoying hitching along with Miriam, John and the rest of the cast and I think you will too.

Happy Reading!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mousewax -- A long way to go for a pun...

I was reading Mousewax the other day and saw the following three comics...

Brandon was nice enough to give me permission to show them off here. If you can't read them -- they look like they're going to post small -- click on them to go to the original at Brandon's site!

Happy Reading!

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Friday, February 02, 2007


This is the most ridiculous comic. I mean, really, some rich guy buys a space station and these people "work" for him and live up there?

And, there trips to earth take like a day. How unrealistic is that? Totally unrealistic, except...

Snoopy flew his doghouse in battles against the red baron, so who am I to judge?

Seriously, I just now finished reading the last of the archives and I loved every comic.

The comic is named for Will Rockwood -- the comic's poor misunderstood straight man.

It includes Skip Sterling who is the trillionaire who owns the space station.

Next we have Mitch Ryder -- Naive optimist, first officer.

Followed by a one Mr. Al Vanguard -- Perpetual cynic, station maintenance. I love this guy and I think in real life, I know this guy!

Then there's Dana Lopez -- Harsh realist, station doctor. Because every male oriented comic needs a female voice of reason.

Finally, rounding out the human part of the cast is young Kepler Fulton -- Child prodigy, junior mad scientist. I know that there are kids out there just this smart and that scares me!

Then, no space station would be complete without a smart aleck, take over the world computer and in this case, that's KHAN - Station's control unit, HAL Jr. Pretty scary if you asked me. If my pc started talking to me like that, I'd give up computers forever.

Finally, rounding out the cast is the space station
itself. Which I'm only posting a picture of because it's cool.

With visitors such as Bill Clinton and Castro, the station is never boring and neither is this comic. I think this is the most time I've ever spent on a review and it was well worth it.

If you're not all ready reading Rockwood, you should be.

Happy Reading!

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