Saturday, November 01, 2008

Since I own the original Touchmaster, I couldn't wait for my copy of Touchmaster 2 to arrive. I pre-ordered two copies so the two DS players in my house wouldn't have to fight over the game. I'm really sorry I did that.
First, I thought this game would include more solitare card games along with challenging action games. Games that I could play when I'm sitting in the doctor's office. In reality, none of the games -- save two -- are all that challenging.
Let me break it down. I'm not going to go over all the games, but enough to give you an idea.
Combo 11 is not only very easy to master, it is way too easy to play. It doesn't leave much skill, such as the Pairs game in the original Touchmaster required. You can pretty much keep playing until you get bored and quit on your own. Simply put, you just match pairs that total 11.
Carpet is a cool game. There's some thought processes you need in order to continue playing. I find it challenging. You build from Aces in each suit, but your playing field is limited at each level, so it becomes challenging as you go along.
Speed solitare is a joke. I played twenty continous times without losing one game.
Speed Demon is a car driving game that you can't lose. No skill there. Trust me when I say a three year old can master it -- I've seen it done.
Bowling fairs a little better, but still so easy that my three year old grandson has almost mastered it.
Super Mahki is less challenging than in the original and you can't change (or I just haven't figured out how) the blocks.
Dice King is a cross between Mahki and Yahtzee. This game is challenging, frustrating and more fun for me.
I'm not too keen on having this little mascot. I don't see the purpose. I miss the favorites startup and the list of games is three less than the original Touchmaster.
Overall, I'm really disappointed, because I paid full price and I rarely pay full price for a game. I'm going to keep the games only because of my aforementioned grandson. He loves to play "bowling" and "cars" when he comes to visit. I'm keeping the game because of him.
I hope the Touchmaster team puts out another game, but I'd like to see them get back to the kinds of games that they had the first time.
My advice -- wait until the price drops and then buy this, especially if you have a little guy that likes bowling and car games.
If you don't own the original, buy that one instead.

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