Monday, March 31, 2008


This was originally supposed to have been published on 3/31, so I've left the posting date up, even though I've really posted it on 4/12.

I received an email from Ian who said he's starting up a new website that deals with comics and would I put up a link to him or a shoutout. Well, you know me, takes me a while to check things out, but I have finally gotten around to it and the site looks really good.

I've "stolen" some verbage from the site, so you guys know what it's all about:

JOIN the Online Comic Book Art Contest where users compete & vote to decide who's material continues in the applicable storyline. Sign up for FREE and participate to receive Prize Money, 90% Lifetime Net Profits, Publicity, and your free Comicracy Portfolio Page where you can network with other users.

Now, if I could draw and write comics, this would be a pretty cool thing and I would join. So, if you can, I suggest you check it out.

Happy Reading!

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Beyond Human

I took a look at Beyond Human this past week and I have to say, it isn't really my kind of comic. BUT, we all know that I'm not really a dark story comic person.

That said, I have to say Hal Jones has done a fantastic job with this comic. The drawings are dark and slick (but, not slick in a bad way). I'm not sure about what word I'm looking for, but they're cool. Really, really cool.

The storyline will definitely draw you in. So, give this one a chance.

Happy Reading!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Black Cherry Bombshells

First, I'd like to say sorry about not updating. The post from yesterday I actually wrote a month ago and I just now got around to posting it.

Second, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who keep sending me emails suggesting comics and games. I'm trying to get to them all and post as much as I can.

Finally, I received an email from Sacha at The Black Cherry Bombshells. I owe a big apology to Sacha for not sending an email back, but I hope placing a link to the comic here will make up for it. The Black Cherry Bombshells is in a competition for a publishing contract with DC Comics. I think that's pretty cool and I'd like to help to put them over the top (at the time of the email they were in second place) . According to the email, the comic is about ultra-violent girl gangs fighting for survival in a world full of zombies.

Please give The Black Cherry Bombshells a read over.

Happy Reading!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Introspective Comics

You have to read this comic. This guy posts comics that I would post if I could draw. Top this off with a blog that discusses his thought patterns and you’ve got a nice little site and a nice little webcomic.

Below one comic, Ryan posted this:

Ugh, this comic. Of all the strips I’ve posted on this site, this is the one I want to pull down and fix. For one thing, everything is too bright white. I can’t read the thing without seeing spots. Second, who in the world washes their face after shampooing? And who wants to see this guy in the shower, anyway?
I’m leaving this up on the site anyway. Who knows? Someone might actually like it.

Let me answer his questions:
1. It’s a bathroom scene and a lot of bathrooms are white, so I don’t think you had much of a choice.
2. I wash my face after shampooing.
3. I could live without seeing someone in a shower, but that’s when I do most of my thinking.

Finally, I happen to like this comic and I think all of you will too.

Happy Reading!

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